AC Art Consultant

The AC consultant team will provide a comprehensive and objective consulting service for members with our innovative advisory models. We provide valuable industry information to our members through the consolidation of information in the industry and the industry experience of professionals in the global art field. At the same time, the AC consultant team will be using the real-time online consulting model of 5 x 8 Hours to synchronize our members with the global art industry. The AC advisory team also sets up an advisory service for art safety management and art law to solve the practical problems encountered in the art collection process.

  • Key industry news notification

  • Art information and collection consultants

  • Market analysis consultant

  • Collection security management consultant

  • Legal advisors

2.AC Artwork Assessment

The AC assessment team is composed of more than 50 global industry experts and over 40 assessment researchers, and is engaged in ongoing collaborations with international museums, commercial art galleries and auction houses. AC assessment team works through a multi-level market information transaction data as well as the academic research and prediction, in combination with the unique assessment algorithm research and the experience of the expert team as evaluation parameters, to provide objective assessment data for the member.

  • Artwork price evaluation report

  • Artwork market analysis report

  • Art project strategic planning and evaluation report

AC Art Asset Management

AC art asset management business is mainly for enterprise and individual investors to provide systematic art asset allocation plan. Through the benign strategic cooperation with banks and other financial institutions, The AC advisory and assessment team will establish the objective and rational art asset allocation plan based on members’ investment demand, help with selection of high quality art financial products, and fully grasp the balance of risks and benefits for members to provide comprehensive objective art collection and investment planning.

  • Art collection system establishment and planning

  • Art asset allocation and investment advice

  • rt financial product investment planning


The AC Club will serve as an exclusive social platform for its members, through the integration of offline resources, the club provides members with a variety of high-end art exchange activities, making a combination of art and life experiences. The AC Club will provide members with a more exclusive private service, through a variety of forms such as domestic and foreign art exchange trips, offering a personal, close-up art experience for members.

  • Member exclusive private dinners

  • Member networking activities

  • Art exhibition VIP access & private guide

  • International art collection trips