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ArtCare|Consulting is an international art collection Consultingand Advisor firm with its headquarter based in China.The branches are currently in Beijing and Shanghai. ArtCare I Consulting has more than 500 collaborative arts organizations and more than 50 collaborative arts consultants, as well as more than 40 information and evaluation researchers. ArtCare I Consulting focuses on providing art collection strategy consulting, art project planning and management for the world’s high-end companies as well as offering tailored service for private collectors in private, objective and professional art collection consultant and collection management.

AC Data Center


The ARTCARE data center includes 100, 000 pieces of data from 500 well-known domestic and international artists. The aim is to provide comprehensive and objective data for global enterprise collectors and high-net-worth individuals. In addition, applying data to make better investment decisions for private investment.AC works closely with international museums, commercial art galleries,auction companies to maintain close cooperation, to establish a multi-dimensional information sources, to do in-depth tracking prices, exhibitions, description, publication, auction and collection, eventually to establish comprehensive, objective and authentic information data system of contemporary art.

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The ARTCARE consultant can provide exclusive artist market analysis for members, collection price assessment reports and global art collection & investment advice.Through the investigation of auction data and gallery data, AC consultants are capable to make AC members gaining art industry information and meeting their personalized needs esaily.